• City Attorney
    The City Council appoints the City Attorney as its chief legal counsel.
  • City Clerk
    The Office of the City Clerk is responsible for a number of legislative and administrative functions.
  • City Manager
  • Community Development
  • Economic Development
    The Economic Development Department serves Pleasanton’s business community by building a robust and amenity-rich environment that supports the city's residential and commercial citizens.
  • Engineering
  • Finance
    The Finance Department is responsible for the safekeeping, accounting and management of the city's financial assets.
  • Fire
    The City of Pleasanton is committed to providing quality and efficient service to its citizens. Your Fire Department is committed to the protection of life, property and the environment.
  • GIS
  • Housing
    The City of Pleasanton Housing Division coordinates the development and maintenance of affordable rental and ownership housing in Pleasanton
  • Human Resources
    Our goal is to attract and retain a highly talented and qualified City workforce. If you enjoy working in a challenging and innovative work environment and are motivated by providing excellent municipal services to a community with high standards, we sincerely welcome your interest in the City of Pleasanton.
  • Library and Recreation
  • Public Works
    The Public Works Department is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure and administers many quality of life services.
  • Police
    The Pleasanton Police Department’s goal is to protect and maintain Pleasanton’s high quality of life and prevent crime in the City. The department is responsible for enhancing overall community safety and safeguarding the rights of individuals.
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