New Proposed Water Rates

Pleasanton’s Water Enterprise Fund is designed so all users pay for the system and its improvements and costs are not covered by the General Fund. Rates haven’t increased since 2011, with only adjustments for inflation since then. The City is now proposing a rate increase for all water customers beginning November 1, 2023, followed by subsequent rate increases on January 1, 2025, and January 1, 2026. For the average single-family residential customer, the rate increase proposed to take effect on November 1, 2023 will be an increase of about $33 for the water portion of the bill every other month.

The primary purpose of the immediate rate adjustment is to fund a project to increase capacity from Zone 7 Water Agency to reduce the reliance on Pleasanton’s groundwater wells as a longer-term solution is developed. Revenue from rate adjustments will then be used to ensure we are prepared in case of an emergency or another drought, conduct vital maintenance, and begin work on our longer-term supply alternatives.

Additional Rate Information

  • Current rate information (as of January 1, 2022) can be found here.
  • Public Hearing Notice - A Public Hearing on all proposed rates and charges is scheduled on Tuesday, September 19, 2023 at 7 p.m. during the City Council meeting at 3333 Busch Road in Pleasanton, CA. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Pleasanton Water Rates/Public Hearing Notice
  • Detailed information on the proposed rate increases can be found in the City’s agenda report for the July 18, 2023 City Council meeting.

View an example of a single-family residential utility bill with the current rates and the proposed new rates below.

Current Rates

Proposed New Rates

**Single-family residents have previously not paid for the first 20 ccf (hundred cubic feet) of water used per billing cycle (bi-monthly). The proposed new rates will require single-family residents to pay for all water used.

Need Help Paying Your Utility Bill?

The City offers a utility bill discount program for seniors or low income households.

The State of California offers a Low Income Household Water Assistance Program for customers who need assistance paying their utility bills.