Police Chaplain Program

The Police Chaplain Program, made up of clergy from various denominations in the community and appointed by the Chief of Police, provides spiritual guidance, counseling and comfort in times of crisis.

Police Chaplains often ride-a-long with officers on patrol and are on call at all times to assist in cases where their counsel and advice might be helpful. The duties of Police Chaplains include:

  • Being called to the scene of a traumatic incident to provide comfort to victims, families of victims and officers involved
  • Notifying next of kin in death or serious injury incidents
  • Counseling individuals or families experiencing stressful situations, including police staff
  • Being available to families of officers in traumatic situations
  • Visit sick or injured department employees

If you are a member of the clergy and would like to participate in the Pleasanton Police Department’s Chaplain Program pleasecall (925) 931-5100 and ask for the YCSU Sergeant.