Induction Cooktop Lending Program

Are you considering switching to an induction cooktop, or just curious how it works? Now you can borrow an induction cooktop for free from the City of Pleasanton! Induction cooktops are safe, powerful, and environmentally-friendly. Try it out for yourself with Pleasanton’s free induction cooktop lending program, run through the Pleasanton Public Library!

The Program

  • Place a hold on a cooktop by searching for “induction cooktop” in the Pleasanton Library catalog and clicking Place Hold or by calling (925) 931-3400.  Reservation and use of cooktops is free of charge and open to all Pleasanton residents over 18.
    • If you do not yet have a Pleasanton Library card, register for one here. Use your temporary library card number to place a hold on a cooktop, then bring your ID and proof of address to get a permanent card at the Member Services desk before you pick up the cooktop.
  • Once a cooktop becomes available, you will receive an email message from the library. The cooktop will be held for you for seven days.
  • Bring your library card to the Information Desk at the Pleasanton Library. You can fill out a waiver at the library before checking out the cooktop, or print the waiver and complete it at home.
  • Take the cooktop home and try it out for up to three weeks. Cooktops may not be renewed. The induction cooktop kit comes with a single burner cooktop, an induction-ready pot, an induction-ready pan, and an instruction packet.
  • Return the cooktop to the Pleasanton Library on-time, clean, and in good condition.

What is an Induction Cooktop?

Induction cooktops use electromagnetism to transfer energy directly to a pot or pan. The cooktop doesn’t create heat unless it is touching a magnetic surface, such as an iron or steel pan. Induction cooktops run on clean electricity, are incredibly efficient, and can be plugged directly into a standard electrical outlet. They can boil water more than twice as fast as a gas stove and allow for precise temperature control. You can learn more about the science of induction here.

Cleaner and Greener Cooking

Switching to induction is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Gas stoves emit about 350 pounds of carbon every year. They also release pollutants into your home, such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, which can cause health issues and poor indoor air quality. Induction stoves use Pleasanton’s 100% renewable electricity from East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), which means no emissions in your home are released into the atmosphere!  BayREN is currently offering a $300 rebate on induction cooktops if you are ready to make the switch to induction cooktops in your home.

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