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Pleasanton Undertakes Bridge Maintenance Program

Seven Bridges throughout City Will Receive Preventative Maintenance

Bridge maintenance crews will be out beginning on Monday, August 10th, for a total of roughly three months while they work to provide some minor upgrades to some of Pleasanton’s bridges.

"We worked with Caltrans to identify a bridge maintenance program, with a goal of determining best practices regarding bridge repairs and maintenance for Pleasanton," said Steve Kirkpatrick, Pleasanton’s City Engineer.

Pleasanton has 58 bridges throughout the community, not including the 30 interstate bridges that are owned and maintained by Caltrans. Every two years, Caltrans inspects the majority of bridges and provides recommendations for improvements or maintenance. Due to the age of the majority of our bridges, Caltrans had very few recommendations for maintenance.

"The improvements we are making to the bridges are more preventative in nature, but like anything in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," said Kirkpatrick. "The kind and quality of work we will be performing on these 7 bridges is intended to extend the life of the bridge, so what we can expect to see will be things like sealing concrete to protect the bridges from water intrusion, replacing worn out seals, and some repainting."

All of these items, considered standard practice, are funded through the Federal Highway Bridge Program, administered by Caltrans. In 2013, Pleasanton received federal funding to design and construct this preventative maintenance program, the total for which will be around $630,000.